Speeding up a site converting it from a SPA to a PWA (Full Optimization)

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After creating a SPA (Single Page Application) with Vue.js and Symfony for EME Miami nightclub (https://ememiami.com/), we decided to go further and achieve a PWA (Progressive Web Application) application, through Nuxt.js that allowed us to improve the loading time of the web page using the SSR (Server Side Rendering) technique.

But what are the benefits of having done this?

There are many benefits:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Faster initial site load.
  • Ensure that this website provides minimal content when our device does not have internet access.
  • Improve the user experience (UX) with smart local caching system or with dynamic content loading and libraries.
  • Possibility of installing the web on mobiles, tablets or desktop as if it were a Mobile App and being able to send push notifications.

In order to see the results (beyond the notable change in experience and benefits mentioned), we use the Google tool to audit web pages called Google Lighthouse. Below we show the before and after applying the technologies and methods mentioned above:



As you can see, the changes are obvious.

In the following image you can see how the browser asks you if you want to install the web as an application:


As each website is unique, if you want to know how you can apply this on your website, send us a message to specifically analyze your case and be able to take advantage of the benefits of a PWA.


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