Case Study: Muslim Eventz

Using Sylius/Symfony and our Marketplace Plugin, we were able to meet the client's expectations by creating a ticketing system tailored to their specific needs.
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The Client

Fayyazudin Syed is a man of faith, a man of culture. Keeping his family traditions and transmitting those values to his children has been one of the main priorities in life. After years of assisting events made by and for the Muslim community, he decided it was time to create one place to unite them all.After some setbacks with previous developments, but never giving up, he contacted Odiseo to start it from scratch and with a timeline in mind. This is how MuslimEventz was born. Instead of having to search through scattered information all over the social networks and the internet, he believed this could be the answer. This was the first step in building an easy, trustful way where the community would find everything they’ve been searching for.




  • MultiVendor - Marketplace Integration:

    Thanks to our Marketplace plugin, we were able to develop a ticketing system with less effort by adapting it to the client's needs.

  • Advanced Product Search and Filtering:

    Utilized Elasticsearch for improved search and filtering, enhancing the shopping experience.

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA):

    We developed a two-factor authenticator (2FA), which increased the security for organizers and admin. The code can be sent via email and SMS.

  • Limited time reservation system:

    A reservation system was implemented for e-ticket sales where the ticket is reserved per user until a certain time.

  • Dashboard for organizers:

    Organizers (vendors) can create their own events and tickets. They can also view statistics and sales from their panel.

  • Banner Management:

    Thanks to our BannerPlugin we make it easy to load and edit them from the same administration panel

  • Map/Event Location and Online Events:

    Users can find nearby events by sharing their geolocation, as well as search for events online. That implementation was smooth thanks to SyliusGeoPlugin.

The solution: A solid and scalable core

There’s a phrase that says if you stand on the shoulders of giants, you’ll go even higher. With many features people already love and choose every single day from sites like Eventbrite, underneath this website lies our very own Custom Marketplace Plugin for ecommerce. It is a core part of development that uses the Sylius framework, which is based in Symfony. Fayyaz was there the whole time to test it, making suggestions and assuring a strong, yet friendly user experience. Our creation was up to the task and has a lot more to offer.

With the geolocation system, right in the homepage you’ll be able to find at the snap of a finger all the events near your city, being them in a specific location or online. Not enough? Just go and explore the map to get a visual.



Organizing an event

This has a few changes that will make it a lot easier while creating events and tickets, thanks to a whole new Ticketing System built by our Team.

In the administrator panel you can take a look at your current events, ticket sales and payment balance. In case you need to create a new event or simply update one, there’s a step by step guide, including the possibility of setting it up as a recurring event, daily, weekly or monthly. 


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