About Us

We are a full service company, offering custom software solutions for startups and existing businesses. Trust is one of our pillars. We invite you to know us.

Our Vision

Our mind is set towards being not only developers, but real partners of those who reach out to help them in their business, offering great quality in every single project. Odiseo's commitment is to listen to its participants, their motivations and advice, and with that build a solid foundation to also materialize innovative ideas for the good of society.

Our Mission

Visualize, plan, develop and deliver outstanding sofware in collaboration with our partners, with efficiency and strong communication, offering personalized attention to every customer along the way. Keeping up to date with the trending technologies is what motivates us, together with ultimate customer satisfaction and having a competitive business model.

Our Services

Our experience and knowledge let us offer different kind of services: consultancy, custom developments, e-commerce, mobile app developments. We analyze in detail if your needs adapt to our capacities to provide the best possible solution.

Our Services

With passion and determination we make your projects a reality


We have broad experience developing custom e-commerce. We provide solutions with Sylius, an open source e-commerce framework based on Symfony. 

Check out these Case Studies to see just some of the B2C-B2B stores in portfolio!

Mobile Apps

Take advantage of our expertise in native mobile solutions. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like ReactNative, Expo, Flutter and more of the latest technologies so you can connect with your customers anywhere, all the time. As easy as it sounds.

Custom Developments

We use the latest technologies and the best practices in the industry to build your product exactly as you imagine it. 
CMS, CRM, E-commerce, PIMs and more...


We create using the best Business to Customer solutions with the latest specialized technologies like Sylius, Sulu and eZ.

Consulting & Support

Need a hand solving some issues, adding features or getting rid of bugs?  Let us know and we'll have you covered.

AI-Powered Solutions

Leverage Python alongside cutting-edge technologies like TensorFlow and PyTorch to unlock the potential of predictive analytics and intelligent automation. Drive your business forward with data-driven insights.

What includes our services

With positivism and commitment in mind


An effective communication facilitates the achievement of the every goal. There is a difference between what is received and what is perceived, this is why establishing an active, assertive and proactive communication with our clients is vital.


Most of the users will abandon a site if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. In Odiseo we develop with that in mind using several techniques and tools to improve a site Performance like: Blackfire, Http Cache (Varnish), Gatling load tests, Redis and more .


We focus in the quality of our projects. We use PHP frameworks like Symfony, testing tools and we do QA/QC, that allows us to make trustworthy and safe projects.


We have the necessary resources to offer great developing times and through detailed planification we define times we can comply.


Creativity is intelligence having fun. We like to explore new ideas, so we worry each project has an unique and special touch.


We believe trust is the basis of any relationship. In our experience, honesty and compromise are fundamental in both parts.

Core Team

We work passionately in what we like
Pablo Sebastian D'Amico

Pablo D'Amico

CEO & Co-Founder

I believe the basis of growing are effort and discipline. I'm 35 years old and I'm single. I like read and learning constantly. I like technology, video games, meditating and meeting with my friends.

Diego D'amico

Diego D'Amico

CTO & Co-Founder

Football and technology lover. I'm 39 years old, I'm married with 2 children and 2 dogs.
I constantly look ways to improve and progress both personally and professionally.

Damian Ezequiel D'Amico

Damian D'Amico

Senior web developer

I'm a Senior Developer. Gamer and Simpson fan. I'm autodidact, I like challenges and learn new things. I like to play football and spend time with my family.

Ezequiel Crespo

Ezequiel Crespo

Senior web developer

I'm a Computer Engineering student at the University of Buenos Aires. Disciplined, autodidact I adapt easily to changes and new challenges. I love literature and weight training.

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